Extraordinary Eco-Friendly gifts!

Would you like to find all your Eco responsible gifts in one place? Come take a look at our store! We have hundreds of green and local gift ideas from over 60 eco-responsible suppliers.

The zen corner

Discover our range of essential oil diffusers from the Quebec company Aliksir, and relax in peace! Customers love them because they can quickly and effectively experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

For those who love good hot baths, we have bubble baths (which smell like heaven!) from the Lemieux company. In addition to being offered in bulk, they are non-toxic, made in Montreal and are cruelty-free.

More locally, the Herboresterie La Fée des Bois and Arômes & Sens offer bath bombs without preservatives or synthetic dyes. Interesting fact : The effervescent bath bombs of La Fées des Bois have therapeutic properties. For example, le Petit pied bath bomb helps relieve tired feet. Come and get the vanilla and rose petal bombs from Arômes & Sens; it is really loved by our customers!

Our body and beauty products

To spoil both men and women, we have Ô De Lie grape facial treatments. The grape is known to preserve youth. Numerous scientific testify to the benefits of its compounds to fight against skin aging and regenerate cells.

Do you need lipsticks, foundations or eye shadows? Browse the wonderful beauty products of Opale-Essence! They have excellent hold and are free of synthetic dyes and fragrance.

Rose Citron also offers natural creams, cleansers and makeup removers.

Fun and safe toys for kids

Stimulating children’s imaginations while respecting the environment is what L’Atelier Cheval de Bois offers. Inspired by wooden toys from past centuries, L’Atelier offers fun, handmade products in the Eastern Townships region.

Perfect for Christmas stockings!

  • Choco Squash (chocolate spread) from Marcello Farms.
  • Api-Flex beeswax wrappers.
  • The key rings made from recycled beer corks from Créations Lyne.
  • The reusable kitchen towels from Kliin.
  • OLA Bamboo toothbrushes and dental floss.
  • Reusable scouring pads from La Capitaine Crochète.
  • And more!

I look forward to seeing you so that you can discover a variety of products that respect the values of sustainable development. Take the opportunity to have a good organic and fair trade coffee in our bistro!

We can’t wait to see you!